Hannah Riden is a New Zealander, born in London in 1978. Her dad was born in Hamilton, and her Mum lives in Robinson's Bay, Akaroa. Hannah's studio is by the beach north of Christchurch.

Riden has a BA from Oxford University, an MSc from Edinburgh University and worked as a postgraduate student at Massey University before becoming a fulltime artist. She was named the landscape artist of the year 2008/9 at the NZ art awards in Tauranga.

Riden is a representational landscape artist, known for her ability to capture atmosphere. She is interested by the role of memory in our response to visual art, and the definition of beauty in art. Her work is influenced by Masters such as Sargent, Turner, Caillebotte, Velazquez, Sisley, Church, and Sanford Gifford, and she often works en plein air.